Why making music is important?
It is fun.
This is not new. People have known this since the discovery of the voice. Making music brings people together, and almost always leads to a good time. Even if you have no intention of being a professional musician, doing your best at making music is fun.
It is good for the brain.
Common sense tells us this is not new either. Scientific studies have more recently offered proof of increased brain power from making music -- not passive listening. Kids who make music show improved spatial-temporal reasoning, later demonstrated by advanced abilities in mathematics and science.
It is good for the body.
Recent studies have shown music to be a great stress-reducer. Studies have shown that people who make music have higher levels of melatonin, a revitalized natural production of Human Growth Hormone-even an increase in the immune system's natural "cancer-killer" cells.
It is good for social life.
Does this one really need an explanation? No matter what your age there are a variety of musical activities to help you get started. If you're not a musician already, you may feel a little embarrassed to get started. But the next time you're at a party and people start picking up instruments, you'll feel embarrassed not to.

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